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Welcome, John Smith.

You arrived at this page of this website by using a password that was sent to, and intended for the exclusive use of, the following party:

   John Smith
   C/O Bob White, Law Offices of Bob White, 10 High Street - Anytown USA 01234

If you choose to continue to use this website by clicking below on the box entitled "Continue," you will, by doing so, be representing and certifying that you are John Smith, or have been duly authorized by John Smith to utilize this website on behalf of John Smith, and to make entries of data into the system embodied on this website (the “System”), including legally binding representations, on behalf of John Smith.

If you do not have such authority, or if John Smith were to subsequently take the position that you lacked such authority with respect to data that you entered, then your further use of the System could give rise to the imposition of serious civil and criminal penalties, including penalties as provided for under federal and state laws relating to wire and computer fraud, on you and on anyone acting in concert with you.

If, as we understand to be the case, you are John Smith or you have been duly authorized by John Smith to use this website and to enter data and make legally binding representations on John Smith's behalf, you may click to CONTINUE.


If our understanding is incorrect and you do not have the requisite authority, please click here to logout. Please refrain from logging in again until such time as you have secured the necessary authority.